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SPMT and SPMT Light:

self-propelled, modular, flexible

  • Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) for loads over 17,000 tonnes 
  • Modular design principle offers maximum possibilities for use in the construction sector, oil and gas industry, shipbuilding and plant construction
  • SPMT also available as “light“version  – for full flexibility even with smaller transport tasks
  • Live show at the bauma


From 8th – 14th April 2019, the TII Group will be presenting their SPMT and SPMT Light success products at this year's bauma with a live show. The modular, self-propelled vehicles can handle every imaginable transport task for payloads of more than 17,000 tonnes.

The individual module transporters can be coupled together as required. They can be mechanically coupled or arranged in a loose coupling mode. The control technology guarantees the synchronization of all vehicles integrated in the coupling mode. Electronic multi-directional steering makes the transporters extremely manoeuvrable. Thus, the SPMT is suitable to transport almost any load and provides precision positioning of ± 2 mm.

The main feature of the SPMT Light series is the compact design of the vehicle modules. The platform dimensions of 6000 x 2430 mm with 4 pendulum axles and integrated PPU ensure optimum flexibility for smaller transport assignments, e.g. in production halls. Naturally, the SPMT Light also has the advantages of the SPMT, such as the robust construction of the bogie units and the electronic multi-directional steering complete with all known steering programs. This provides the vehicle with excellent steering and positioning accuracy. The 700 mm lift range ensures sufficient space in a vertical direction for lifting and positioning loads.


As early as the early 1980s, the TII Group had developed a technology that would fundamentally change and revolutionise the heavy transport industry: Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT) with container dimensions (2.43 m) successfully entered the industry and changed more than just the type of load transport. With this trend-setting transport solution, the production concept of the modular design of industrial and conveyor systems or infrastructure projects was restructured. Today, the modular vehicles carry weights of up to 17,000 tonnes (world record set in 2017). Main areas of application are the construction sector, oil and gas industry, shipbuilding and plant construction. Continuous further development and innovation today ensure the technological competitive edge of the TII Group in this segment.