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Wind Blade Transport System

For particularly long rotor blades, the TII Group offers a new transport system as a series solution. Maximum manoeuvrability, reductions in weight and fit for the future. With the combination, rotor blades of more than 80 metres long can be transported. The technical solution for accommodating wind turbine blades according to the "plug and play" principle and is unique on the market.

Operational areas

  • No special permit required for empty runs
  • Lifting device allows the blade to be picked up from the ground without requiring a crane and then lifted over obstacles
  • 4-axle trailing unit guarantees maximum manoeuvrability
  • Combination possible with and without a dolly depending on the towing vehicle
  • Future-proof due to the variability, e.g. defined interfaces at both ends
  • Dolly and trailer can be used for other self-supporting long loads
  • Quick-release system allows the further use of the towing vehicle with a fifth-wheel coupling or with a directly mounted free-turning device


  • The wind turbine blade transport system consists of a 2-axle jeep dolly with a free-turning device as well as a 4-axle trailing unit
  • Though the use of the provided quick-release system, the fifth-wheel coupling can be removed and the free-turning device can then be directly mounted


Vehicle types

  • On the free-turning device → maximum 28 tonnes
  • On the longitudinal support → maximum 23 tonnes
  • Directly on the bolster → approx. 30 tonnes


Loading capacity

  • PPU with or without remote start
  • Remote control
  • Storage box
  • Lifting frame available