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Wind blade adapter G3

The third generation of the wind blade adapter is more powerful than ever before. With a set-up angle of 70 degrees, difficult road sections can easily be mastered. Through an even more flexible angle of inclination of the quick-release plate, the adapter and wind blade can be easily and quickly bolted to the frame. Due to the option of directly mounting between the drawbar element and the wind blade adapter, it was possible to flexibly create mechanically-steered combinations. If you are looking for a flexible, advanced and future-proof transport solution, the wind blade adapter from the TII Group is your first port of call.

Operational areas

  • From the production facility to the storage location as well as from the storage area to the place of use


  • Improved payload moment up to 610 metre tonnes
  • Variable control system for the wind blade in order to handle difficult road sections
  • Set-up angle of up to 70 degrees
  • Simple blade pick-up operation
  • Maximum stability through the movable counterweight
  • Adaptable quick-release adapter


Vehicle types

  • Can be used in conjunction with all TII Group modular platform vehicles


Loading capacity

  • Suitable for all modern blade lengths and weights
  • Up to 610 metre tonnes depending on rotor blade and combination