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Tiiger Smart Duty (SD)

The newly developed Tiiger Smart Duty (SD) is a cost-efficient high quality vehicle for transporting loads up to 240 tonnes. It is a modular platform vehicle with a 53-degree steering angle and hydraulically supported pendulum axles. Weights up to 18 tonnes per axle line can be transported. This robust, light and durable all-rounder was developed in Germany and is built in India. It is available in India, Africa and South-East Asia.

Transport cargo

  • Construction machinery, excavators
  • Cranes
  • Railway wagons
  • Concrete beams

Industrial sectors

  • Construction industry
  • Transport and logistics
  • Plant engineering
  • Energy sector (wind power, thermal energy, nuclear power)



  • Strongest bending moment on the market
  • Low dead weight
  • Meets international safety standards
  • 53-degree steering angle
  • 18 tonnes per axle line
  • Loads up to 240 tonnes
  • High quality at a low price



  • 2-axle, 3-axle, 4-axle, 6-axle, 8-axle and other combinations up to 16 axle lines
  • With an extra dolly (from 1-axle to 4-axles)


Combination options

  • 4+4 combination
  • 4+6+4 combination
  • 4+spacer+4 combination, optional with spacer
  • 4+deck+4 combination, optional with telescopic deck
  • 4+4 or 6+6 with bolster
  • 2+4 combination, optional with spacer
  • 3+5 combination with slab deck
  • 4+6 combination, optional with telescopic deck
  • 4+6 combination, optional with slab deck



  • Slab deck
  • Excavator deck
  • Swivel bolster
  • Spacer
  • Power Pack Unit


Loading capacity

  • Up to 18 tonnes per axle line
  • Up to 240 tonnes in total