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The modular, self-propelled transport solutions offered by the TII Group can handle almost every imaginable transport scenario. Thereby, goods weighing up to 17,000 tonnes can be safely moved.
Through the modular design of the SPMT product range, maximum flexibility for applications in the construction industry, oil and gas sector, shipbuilding and plant construction are provided. Continuous further development and innovations safeguard the technological leadership of the TII Group in this segment. You too can benefit from the flexible range of applications of the SPMT.

Transport cargo

  • Due to the vehicle´s modular design, almost all loads can be transported. The SPMT is particularly suitable for accommodating high point loads and weights.

Available versions

  • Platform vehicles with 3/4/5/6/8 axles
  • SPMT SL: Split type
  • SPMT AC: for ambient temperatures up to -40°C

Available drive types

  • Hydrostatic wheel hub drive by means of axial piston motors with downstream planetary drives

Available accessories

  • Polyfill tyre filling for increasing tyre load capacities and to prevent puncturing
  • Lateral cross-coupling elements
  • Spacer
  • Bolster
  • Tilting device
  • Telescopic widening for the Split
  • Scissor-track widening for the Split
  • Diverse PPU mountings: front side, on top, side-by-side next to the PLW
  • Pre-heater assembly (Arctic PPU)
  • Drive units PPU Z180, Z390

Typical areas of use

  • Construction industry
  • Steel construction
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Shipbuilding and plant engineering
  • Can also be used on public roads after required modification work and with special escort


  • Flexibility: the SPMT provides a high degree of flexibility because it can be coupled regardless of which generation of vehicle is used.
  • Technological leadership: the SPMT series from the TII Group in container dimensions has been continuously further enhanced since its market launch. It complies with the very highest standards regarding technology and quality.
  • Robustness, experience: as the inventor of the SPMT, the TII Group can look back on the most in-depth experience available in the market. No other manufacturer can offer such comparable expertise and therefore comparable technical sophistication and service at this level.