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K25 PB

The K25 PB is a modular self-propelled platform vehicle that can be used around the world to carry a wide range of loads. The PB (Power Booster) provides you with sufficient thrust for your transport assignment thus saving on the need for a second tractor. Due to its robust construction, the K25 PB is a reliable addition for your vehicle fleet!

Transport cargo

  • Heavy construction machinery
  • Steel components
  • Precast concrete parts
  • Transformers
  • Generators


Industrial sectors

  • Machinery manufacturing
  • Energy industry
  • Construction industry



  • K25 PB towable up to 80 km/h
  • Can also be controlled by remote control
  • Additional thrust avoids need for second tractor
  • 4-in-1 transport solution possible



  • 4-axle
  • 6-axle
  • PPU Z230



  • Radio remote control
  • Mobile hydraulic operating unit
  • Mounting frame for PPU Z230
  • Tool kit
  • Operator´s platform
  • Tubular underride protection
  • Oil tank: 220 l capacity
  • Seat for operator´s platform
  • Rear lighting
  • Warning beacon


Loading capacity

  • 4-axle (up to 180 tonnes*)
  • 6-axle (up to 270 tonnes*)

*technisch möglich, abseits öffentlicher Straßen